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...exclusive custom art designs

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Commissioned Pieces 
These pieces were individually designed for the collector.
  Work by Frank Maglio:

"the Fishin' Lesson"

Custom carved two large limestone Bears 
- Mother Bear is approximately 3 feet tall by 4 1/2 feet wide
- Bear Cub is standing on a rock and is 3 feet tall by 2 1/2 feet wide
- This work took over 300 hours to complete by the sculptor.

Story Line:  The Rock between the bears represents a river.  The Mother Bear has just taken a fish from the river in the process of teaching the Bear Cub how to fish.


"Kaufman Bottles"

Custom piece designed specially for the board room of the Kaufman Container Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio

Various types of bottles were attached together to form this piece of art to hang on the wall.



"Mother and Child"

- Stainless Steel
- This piece in the Maternity Wing at Southwest General was purchased and donated to the hospital 
  by Mr. Hans Leitner

Story line: The mother’s heart is larger towards the child representing the mother’s love for the child is greater than anything else.  The mother’s left eye is a vision she sees for her child, while the child’s left eye has no vision.  The mother’s right eye symbolizes her universe as she has lived it while the child’s right eye represents its universe that is just beginning.

"Upon this Rock"

- Steel on rock
the fish is 7' wide x 3' tall 
a christian symbol of faith based on quoting Christ when he says to Saint Peter "Upon this Rock I will build my church".

: by the parishioners of the church for the Newman Center on the campus of Kent State University, Kent, Ohio



"Complex Twist"

Painted Steel outdoor structure
Approximately 15 feet tall

Originally designed for a doctor's office but upon seeing the completed piece had it installed at his private residence instead of his place of work.







 "100 Years of Happiness"

- Carved carrara marble
- At a private residence in China


Story Line:  Given by a son for his parents as they celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary for wishes for another fifty years of happiness.






"Wine with Tennis"

- Stainless Steel wine rack with granite table top
- In a private residence of avid tennis players
- All parts of the table were made from welding stainless steel
- The grips of the handles are wrapped in 1/8" stainless steel bands welded and polished to a smooth finish
- The strings of the racket are all 1/8" stainless steel rod
- Even the ice bucket was custom welded from stainless steel

A quote from a veteran 30 year welder:  "I said this couldn't be done, I saw it being done, and still I say it can't be done."


"Football Anyone"

 - Non-Painted Mild Steel

Story Line:  This piece had to meet several criteria:

1) Serve as end table in the room

2) Fit comfortably in the corner of the room

3) Be strong enough to be used as a chair for a linebacker-size boyfriend 
    to watch football


Custom Table Base

- Stainless Steel table base

- Custom designed for a private residence

- Designed to support a large lava piece of stone from the Amalfi Coast of Italy

- 8' length x 4' wide x 28" tal