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Maglios Art

...exclusive custom art designs

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Carved Stone 
Individually designed and carved pieces of stone.
Work by Frank Maglio:

"the Fishin' Lesson"

Custom carved two large limestone Bears

- Mother Bear is approximately 3 feet tall by 4 1/2 feet wide
- Bear Cub is standing on a rock and is 3 feet tall by 2 1/2 feet wide
- This work took over 300 hours to complete by the sculptor.

Story Line:  The Rock between the bears represents a river.  The Mother Bear has just taken a fish from the river in the process of teaching the Bear Cub how to fish.


"Gentle Support"

- Women in the hand for "gentle support"
- Carved in carrara marble
- To be cast in bronze

Story Line:  The hand cradles the female form with the index finger following up the spine giving support. 





"Dance of a Life Time"

- Ballet Slipper Limited Edition
- Original piece carved white garcia marble
- To be cast in bronze and stainless

Story Line:  My grandmother took me to see "the Red Shoes" movie when I was young.  When given this piece of marble, all I could see in the raw stone was this figure which I remember seeing in the movie.




-Carved carrara marble of Dancers Legs
-To be cast in bronze



"Honey for You"

- Carved Limestone bear with honey pot

"100 Years of Happiness"

- Carved carrara marble

Story Line:  Chinese characters meaning 100 years of happiness



- Female form back carved in limestone


"Just One Thing"

 - Finger carved from limestone pinned on red rock sandstone


"the Woman in Stone"

- Artist vision and drawing of a woman in carrara marble






"the Gorilla Tooth"

- Fine detailed tooth carved in carrara marble