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Artist Bios 
Frank Maglio (formerly Frank Brozman) 

Frank has worked in several media formats, starting with wood and clay and moving into film and video tape.  During his time in New York, he produced music videos for many acts of the 1950's and 60's, including Bo Diddly, James Brown and Mary Wells.  Frank has also done photographic and video work for the United Nations UNICEF program, the Hearst Publishing Company and companies in the automotive, construction, manufacturing and plastics industries.
Now living near Austin, Texas area, Frank has returned to sculpting and writing music.  Frank has several indoor and outdoor sculptures in corporate and private collections, including: 
  • A major work of two large carved limestone bears, completed for a private residence at
        Quail Hollow Golf Course in Concord Township, Ohio,


  • A steel and stone piece at the Newman Center at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio,


  •  A stainless steel work at Southwest General Hospital Maternity Ward in Berea, Ohio,


  • A commission piece for the board room at Kaufman Container in Cleveland, Ohio, 


  • One work titled "Twins" was a tribute to the disaster and victims of 9-11 with 100% of all monies raised
          in a raffle donated to the families of the victims of the tragic disaster,


  • Other pieces of sculpture have been installed internationally in China and Montevideo Uruguay,


  • Various works are in the private collections of many Ohio suburbs such as Gates Mills, Moreland Hills, Bay Village, Bratenhal, Tremont, Chagrin
           Falls, Concord, Shaker Heights, Beachwood, Willoughby and Wooster,


  • Additional works are in Santa Monica, California, Park City, Utah, and recently in Virginia.
Frank is well respected in the art community as attested by the following:
  • "Mr. Brozman's work varies as widely as his personality. It is "constantly changing" as he pursues and explores new areas in the realm of sculpture.  He is largely self taught and has accomplished much since beginning this new chapter in his life.  His work is evidence of the joy that he derives from sculpture, as it is marked by his whimsy and humor.  Mr. Brozman works in both steel and stone.

    Mr. Brozman's background is in marketing and engineering, yet he grew up in a family that boasts of artists.  His commitment to the arts is evident not only in his own work but in his participation and support of arts organizations and his interest in the work of other local artists.  This opportunity (referring to Frank's internship instruction at the Sculpture Center) is another example of his willingness to participate in and encourage the arts and the art making process." - Nathaniel Parsons, Exhibition and Programs Coordinator, The Sculpture Center Cleveland, Ohio.
    "During my visit (to Smart T'Art Gallery, in Cleveland, Ohio), the featured artist was Frank Brozman, a Clevelander who in an earlier life produced music videos for James Brown and other luminaries.  His elegant stainless-steel-and-glass sculptures were world-class works." - Gary Lee, Washington Post Staff Writer.  Excerpt from October 5, 2003 article Cleveland: Welcome to the Culture Club. Link to article...
  • "Frank's work has very similar characteristics to renowned sculpture David Smith." - Anonymous Collector


Special Note:  On October 9th, 2010 with his marriage to his wife Karen, Frank began using his birth name of Maglio in honor of his artistic family heritage.  All current and future works will carry the Maglio name rather than Brozman.

Karen Maglio

Karen currently specializes in multi-media and photography.  Karen has worked in several media formats including painting, pencil & ink drawings, latch hook, and needle point representational wall hangings.  Karen is currently producing works in a multi-media format and photographs on canvas embellished with various mediums to produce a one of a kind art experience. 

Karen’s career in computer programming and website design has been a great help to her keen awareness for clean well organized art pieces that are not only pleasant and relaxing to view but are in an area that combines technical expertise with traditional materials to produce a one of kind artistic voice for the art buyer.   

Though an artist for several years, only recently has Karen decided to venture into the public eye with her shows at Cleveland State University, Spaces Gallery, the Weekend of the Pooka Celebration of the Arts and Canton Museum of Art juried shows.

As an artist, Karen looks at art as a constant evolving process where change is inevitable.